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Unicorn / fairy tale / hearts

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  • Figure: round
  • color (motive): red
2 patches round with heart red on jeans dark blue with orange border 0

Flickli - the patch! round...

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Unicorn / fairy tale / hearts

There are no unicorns? What a crap. We have not only loved the great mythical creature since the last trend. Unicorns belong in a colorful patchwork world like the wolf in the fairytale world.

Our unicorn iron on patches for kids in various bright colors or with neon colors glowing with black light for the next party as cool jeans patches are just perfect.

Magic horses in turquoise, small round patches with unicorn and swan or hearts as trousers patches in different sizes and colors can be found in the unicorn fairy tale hearts category as well as one or two characters from a fairy tale.