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Pictures Collages Decoration

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Pictures Collages Decoration

Actually, it is already in the word: iron-on images! Iron-on images or ironed pictures. We make more than patches. Collages of embroidered appliques are unique and if it should be a very special gift, then find themselves in this category gems disappear more and more in a mass market. Whether as a great image for kids or a small picture for adults. Here art is in order. Collages made of single embroidered iron-on appliques which are a great decoration for any child's room can be found here for boys and girls and for those who like it magical and special. Our handmade, each picture is unique! The perfect gift for your girlfriend? Applied quality embroidered pictures on designer cotton fabrics and instead presented in simple picture frame in an embroidery frame are an individual asset to any living room. Carefully selected textiles printed as images that are simply different and stand apart from their printed relatives by their high quality. The decorations are offered just once other images. A picture may be worth a thousand words! We take pictures and tell stories! From witches and princesses, ghosts and castles, of unicorns and fabulous sleeping foxes. Pictures of Wertstueck are not drawn. The collages for children and adults will leave a lasting impression, the embroidered and embroidered, applied, ironed, sewed and covered. Is to decorate a room individually such an experience! We hope you enjoy mind choosing a unique gift, for you or for your friend for your child or the child of your friends or as a gift for men!

Pictures images gift for children and adults