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fabrics of American and Japanese designers. Uni fabrics. Cottons. Jersey fabrics and more. fabrics from half a meter are available from stock, immediately available, represented in the substance category. The pattern of designer fabrics are easy to recognize by simple size. Fabrics and cotton fabrics to make for your project and iron-on patches ...

fabrics of American and Japanese designers. Uni fabrics. Cottons. Jersey fabrics and more. fabrics from half a meter are available from stock, immediately available, represented in the substance category. The pattern of designer fabrics are easy to recognize by simple size. Fabrics and cotton fabrics to make for your project and iron-on patches to sewing a pleasure. DIY - Sewing. The materials for your project you can at Cotton fabrics and designer fabrics offered by us are of high quality. Besides cotton fabrics and printed Japanese and American designer fabrics you can find basic substances in a wide color palette. Also corduroy fabrics in various qualities we offer. Our years of experience in the processing of materials offers you an exceptional quality of cotton fabrics, corduroy, uni - fabrics and denim. We test every substance we offer carefully on its properties. The fabrics offered at Wertstueck Flickli we select at fabric dealers from around the world to prepare you for sewing with our fabrics joy. Quality starts pays off when selecting the materials to be processed. denim equals denim? No, we, we offer materials with the motto Quality, not quantity, because the material determines your product.


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  • Copenhagen fabrics

    Scandinavian fabrics from Denmark from Copenhagen are very carefully worked fabrics, perfect for sewing cushions or bags. Under the Copenhagen label, designers are combining fabrics from Scandinavia. Versatile motifs with sweet details in loving design give the fabrics of Copenhagen fabrics a special charm. Cotton fabrics and fabrics from Copenhagen are often certified to the highest environmental standards. Quilting and sewing with these high-quality fabrics from Copenhagen offers a super base for sewing projects of any kind. Small prints in clean print quality and a high-quality weaving make these woven and printed fabrics very valuable cotton fabrics from Europe. The fabrics offered by are in stock. The insured delivery of substances purchased from are made from Germany and the purchase of substances as meter is already from 20,00€ (Germany) Purchasing free of shipping costs.

    We wish you a lot of pleasure to buy the upholstery Fabriken and recommend to your sewingproject suitable ironing pictures from the assortment of

  • fabrics mixed...

    Many designers design super beautiful fabrics for various labels. Fabrics from different designers can be found in this category. High quality cotton as a colorful fabric for sewing bags and pillows best suited and of high quality. Printed cotton fabrics with small and large motifs for children and adults in a wide selection. Lightning fast shipment from Germany. The fabrics in stock merchandise will be shipped as a package. Order quantities from 0,5m at cheap prices in a wide selection for you found in the whole world and lovingly compiled in this category of mixed fabrics and mixed labels. High-quality fabrics always form a good basis for successful DIY sewing projects. We wish you much pleasure with your choice of

  • maritime fabrics...

    Whether you want to buy maritime fabrics or nautical cotton fabrics, here in the category of marine fabrics you are exactly right to order fabrics with anchor or ship. Whether in the north or south, a sewn bag from these great maritime fabrics makes sure always a great appearance possible and the sea somehow everyone loves. Printed ships and boats on high-quality cotton fabrics by designers from all over the world offer exactly the right basis for your DIY sewing project, so that you can already enjoy sewing your accessories. You want to sew a pillow or even a blanket with marine fabric? Then here are fabrics with anchors certainly in your desired color to order available. Short delivery times are, thanks to shipping from Germany with the nautical fabrics no problem. Your parcel courier brings the maritime fabrics of home quickly and reliably. And already from 20 € (Germany) purchase is the delivery of your maritime fabric selection of the offered Sailor fabrics free shipping. Is there anything more beautiful? Nautical fabrics and maritime cotton fabrics for DIY Sewing projects for children and adults, but also as clothing fabrics usable marine fabrics in ever-growing selection. Japanese, American or Scandinavian designers, they all have a loveable relationship to the sea and the maritime fabrics they design offer many charming details and this love of the sea is reflected in the great nautical designer fabrics. We look forward to you! Marine fabrics at buy and the navigation of your nautical project is already going on. Ahoy! We are all on deck! The big "Nähreise" can begin and the thieving pirate gang can wrap themselves warm in their cheap maritime fabrics.

  • Floral fabrics and...

    Whether you want to buy floral fabrics or floral cotton fabrics, here in this flower design category and floral pattern fabrics you are exactly right to order fabrics with flowers or meadow flowers. Whether in the garden or in the city a sewn bag made of these beautiful floral fabrics makes sure always a flowery appearance possible and somehow everyone loves a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Printed flowers on high-quality cotton fabrics by designers from all over the world provide exactly the right foundation for your DIY sewing project, so that you'll be happy when sewing your flower accessory. You want to sew a pillow or even a blanket with flower pattern fabric? Then here are floral fabrics sure synonymous in your favorite color to order online available. Short delivery times are, thanks to the delivery from Germany with the floral fabrics no problem. Your parcel courier will bring you quickly and reliably the flowers fabrics from the online shop And already from 20 € purchase, the delivery of your flowers fabric selection of the fabrics offered free shipping. Can there be anything better? Floral fabrics and flowers Cotton fabrics for DIY Sewing projects for children and for adults, but also suitable as clothing fabrics Floral designs fabrics in ever-growing selection. Japanese, American or Scandinavian designers, they all have a lovable relationship to the most beautiful flowers in the world and the floral fabrics they design provide many charming details and this love of meadow flowers and garden flowers is reflected in the great floral designer fabrics. We look forward to you! Buy Floral Pattern Fabrics at and start creating your sewn floral project. Whether small or large flowers, whether Batic or realistic flower fabrics! The big sewing can begin for sure the bouquet of flowers sewn by you will charm everyone.

  • Animal motif Fabrics...

    The offer in this fabrics category here includes the fabrics animal motifs. Cotton fabrics with animal motifs from the rich fabrics range of we offer here in the special selection of animal motif fabrics. Known fabric designers like to offer in their fabric collections with rich and rich fabrics with animal motifs and we love animals and fabrics. Decorative fabric with animal motifs to sew for your DIY sewing projects, such as bags, curtains or pillowcases, you will find here on the one hand in a large selection and of course in really high quality. The success of your sewing project begins with a high quality fabric selection. Of course, the nicest stitched pillow should remain beautiful for a long time and not forgiven after the first wash and the sewn project should still inspire you even after a long time. Cotton fabrics with animals give pleasure to your work. Colorful bright colors, carefully woven fabrics with the latest technology for long time color-fast printed fabrics with animals you can buy from various American, Japanese and Scandinavian designers. The animal motif fabrics and decorative fabrics with animals are already delivered from 20 € purchase free shipping. Safely and quickly your fabric order reaches you with the beautiful animal decorative fabrics with your local package carrier. The fabric range with the animal motifs includes sweet owls and bird fabrics. There are fabrics with foxes and monkeys as well as decorative fabrics with elephants or pigs. The fabric of the animals is simply huge and so the range of animal motif fabrics at is growing steadily. We look forward to enthusiastic seamstresses who love the animal motif fabrics and who want to successfully start their DIY sewing project.

  • denim jeans and canvas

    Jeans and canvas fabrics

    Heavy-weight fabrics with high grammages are the basis for sturdy clothing or bags. Denim and canvas fabrics provide raw materials for high quality and durable sewn products. The self-stitched jeans bag with denim quality denim or the pillowcase in monochrome canvas are self-sewn products that are said to be extremely durable. Chairs or upholstery made with striped jeans offer stylish high-heels in every home. The flickli denim and Canvasse fabrics meet the highest demands. Dense curtains and curtains as a darkening, sewn with Canvasstoffen form colorful elements that are so only to sew yourself. With an always big choice and availability of jeans and canvas fabrics, offers the possibility to realize bigger projects color-fast.

    Jeans with stripes

    Unique weaving techniques create denim jeans and denim jeans with fascinating colors. striped jeans as trousers, as pockets or as pillows are high-quality individual pieces. Carefully selected jeans and canvas quality from

    Due to our own great experience in the processing of denim fabrics, we only offer the best quality fabrics.

    Jeans and canvas fabrics that are good from our experience!

  • glitter fabrics...

    Metallic glitter fabrics

    Metallic glittering fabrics are an absolute highlight - The metallic fabrics with lurex are perfect for sewing bags or to make completely unique cushions. The cotton blends of cotton, linen and lurex fascinate by the glittering effect very special. The mixture of cotton and linen gives the metallic fabrics a high strength and thus the self-sewn bag or the sewn pillow can be used for a long time and remains consistently beautiful. The Metallis fabrics are also good for incorporating applications or glittering inlays in patchwork and quilts. Excellent processing properties and careful weaving make the sparkling fabrics a special material. You can find examples in the shop in the category Cushions. The metallic fabrics served for the special representation of the windows of the citizen of Berlin Fernsehturm pillow.

    Many other ideas can be implemented with the cotton linen Lurex fabrics and the fun of sewing will certainly be much further increase. We hope you enjoy choosing the beautiful fabrics and processing in your DIY sewing project.

  • Star fabrics and outer...

    Stars fabrics with galaxy motifs in fabric universe cotton fabrics buy online at the fabric Space for outerwear fabrics

    Planet fabrics in endless space Motives and color variations, so to speak a whole Flickli fabric universe full of cotton fabrics stars flying around in the Galaxy fabric. We love the star and sky stuffs Space and all the planets. Here you will find, if you are looking for material with motives with star, planets, rockets, astronauts, space, space, and everything in the cosmos is looking for.

    In our fabric category star fabrics and universe cotton fabrics for the infinite worlds for Galaxy fabrics, you are guaranteed to find something. Since we simply can not get enough of these space motif cotton fabrics, there are regularly new fabrics with Galaxy motifs in the Flickli space fabric.

    As far as the eye can see. buy fabric, stars, shooting stars, comets, polar lights, spaceships .....

    Your fantasy worlds have no limits, infinite space for everything to sew on. From a cushion with a planet, over patchwork blankets with a star motif to a nursery curtain with space motif or a playmat with sky, clouds and sun motif fabric. Everything is possible and through the high-quality designer fabrics our Galaxy cotton fabrics can be combined with each other super. One more beautiful than the other, so why not just sew a huge Space Quilt from everyone? But you probably already have a concrete idea for the next DIY sewing project. And if not, let yourself be inspired by the great outer space fabrics with different sky motifs. Whether large or small, elaborate or simple, the high-quality star cotton fabrics are the right material for sewing, quilting and patchworking. It depends on the quality of the fabric, so that you enjoy your self-sewn things as long as possible. With us you can be sure of the quality of the fabric, because we only offer high quality designer fabrics. The super quality of the fabrics is characterized by a number of positive features that are already noticeable during sewing and later on wearing. For example, the color stays strong after many washes and the weave is regular and does not warp. In addition, of course, the positive wearing and Anfass feeling, because all our fabrics are light, soft and have a beautiful drape. Our Japanese universe fabrics made of sturdy sturdy cotton, our canvas fabrics or linen fabrics are not hardy or feel like boardy.

    The motif fabrics with the universe motifs are immediately absolutely timeless as new. Star fabrics do not go out of fashion and the fascination of the universe either. With these motifs you will not only get a good impression of aerospace enthusiasts. Timelessly beautiful fashion fabrics and children's fabrics in a variety of blue tones from subtle blue to bright colorful.

    From the universe fabrics by Robert Kaufman fabrics with detailed planets and comets in various shades, to solid Cosmo universe fabrics with shooting stars in the galaxy over various little stars and stars fabrics by Michael Miller in endless colors or the Milky Way is the whole designer star fabrics Space represented.

    Cotton fabrics from Kokka Trèfle Rockets in comic style with astronauts, rockets, spaceships and pace planets in canvas quality. Funny flying cats in space fabric by timeless treasures fabrics or classic night sky with stars in the distance, night lights or retro space, spaceship and rockets in blue in total retro astronaut style. Stars in all ages as cotton fabric for children and adults, clouds, sky, sun moon and stars, as well as the whole category star fabrics and universe cotton fabrics, because the universe fascinates not only the little astronauts. All of our Japanese fabrics and US designer fabrics are well-suited for high-quality color fastness and weave, both as decorative fabrics and as apparel fabrics. Whether self-sewn cushion cover, as a bag, dress or curtain, the joy with the planet fabrics is guaranteed to be great. still has room in the fabric universe, so look regularly in the growing world of fabrics category star fabrics and universe cotton fabrics and you'll find what you're looking for on the hunt for the stars.

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Showing 1 - 120 of 195 items