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Aroma pillows Lavender pillow herbal sacs

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Aroma pillows Lavender pillow herbal sacs

Aroma pillows and sachets. Just wonderful the smell of lavender pillow and lavender bag. Soothing and fragrant as lavender is known for a long time just as aroma a pure natural product. Lavender sacs and lavender pillows sewn from great designer fabrics decorative look and the smell of lavender pillow fills every room. The sachets are filled with lavender also be very useful to embedded clothes in the closet safe from moth infestation. As nocturnal rest donors on the nightstand offer lavender pillow a pleasant aroma to the night. As a pure natural product, by simply press to be replaced for a long time with his hand the smell of the pillow. Here we offer a wide range of hand-stitched lavender pillow of Wertstueck Flickli. Lavender pillow of Wertstueck Flickli offer traditional experience in an attractive contemporary design. The stuffed with lavender sachets are individually hand made and so each lavender pillow is unique and at the same time a unique gift.

aroma pillows lavender pillow sachet filled lavender