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cushions and pillows

Cushions as decoration and as a decorative living accessory from Flickli offer double comfort. On the one hand as an individual decoration element and on the other hand as a fluffy cuddly pillow for cozy hours on the couch, on the sofa, cuddled in the bed or as an additional comfortable cushion in the chair. These design cushions are also suitable as nape pillows. Pillows that offer a value added, which are decorative and high-quality processed you can buy at flickli. The delivery of the pillows is free of charge as a gift to the desired address in Germany. The materials for making these designer pillows are exceptionally high quality and particularly durable. For children, these cushions are also unique and individual as cute cuddly toys or cuddles. Cushions made in German, which are made in a sustainable and fair way, and which are only available from Wertli Flickli from Berlin. The pillows can be bought in onlineshop flickli.de and in the shop "Wertstück Flickli" in Berlin Friedrichshain.