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Flickli - patches are perhaps the best knee patches and patch pants that are currently manufactured. We only use high quality materials. It starts with the fabrics of the Flickli - knee patches and patch pants. Carefully selected designer fabrics in solid quality have colorful and beautiful to look at surface. To increase the shelf life considerably, we are strengthening the Flickli - Iron with glass tissue. Ironing patches deposited with an exceptionally good ironing film - are available for convenient mounting Flickli. Finally, we look for when processing the information on the utmost care! Be cut all Flickli - knee patches and patch pants by hand, each Flickli a final examination is subjected. Flickli knee patches and patch pants are available in small, medium and large sizes, medium and large sizes in the oval shape and the retro shape, as well as a plaster cast as a single or crossover patch. Of course, there are Flicklis as a classic star. This trouser life does not have to be terminated prematurely: FLICKLI