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Why is it sometimes advisable to use an iron-on patch, an application that is actually iron-on or an iron-on patch made of jeans rather than sewing on?

For reasons of sustainability, it may make sense to sew on an iron-on application. We recommend sewing rather than ironing on the decorative applications and patches for individualizing clothing (jackets, bags, T-shirts) because of the very rapid growth in children under 3 years. In this way, an application can become a beautiful accessory of children's clothing for a long time. In our own experiments, we have found that our iron-on patches, once ironed on, are difficult to remove. However, if the applications are sewn on, detaching and further use is no problem.

Furthermore, it is highly recommended to sew an iron-on picture if it is not certain that a textile can be ironed hot. To iron on, a high ironing temperature is required (iron at least cotton level - 3 points). Ironing is not possible for non-hot ironing (synthetics e.g. polyester and nylon).