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How are the Flickis shipped?

For the sake of the environment, we send your order with as little packaging as possible. That means the iron-on patches are shipped in one or more paper bags with detailed ironing instructions. If you want to give away our patches and need several ironing instructions, please let us know with your order how many copies of our illustrated ironing instructions, which are in German and English, by the way, you need. Since we have developed our own instructions for our product Flickli and each iron-on is ironed on differently, we strongly encourage you not only to carefully follow the ironing instructions yourself, but also to give them away together with the Flickli. This guarantees that the recipient receives a top result and can enjoy our iron-on patch with a lot of love for as long as possible.

Paper invoice? Only if you want to.

Saving packaging is very important to us. For this reason, we do not send you invoices on paper. as standard with the order. You can download the invoice from your email at any time and print it out.

As soon as we have received payment in the shop, you will receive your confirmation email with your invoice. If you need the invoice for your patch online order from our shop in paper form, just add it to your order and we will of course send it together with the iron-on patch order.

How are Flickli orders shipped?

Of course, we send all small and small orders by letter PRIO with tracking and in recycling envelopes.

Our larger Flickli shipments are sent via DHL parcel.

We send our DHL packages with the additional service GoGreen.