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Are ALL patches, appliques and flicklis designed and manufactured by Wertstück Flickli?

Yes! We cordially invite everyone to visit us in our shop in Berlin Friedrichshain or in our workshop in Brandenburg and to convince ourselves of our work.

Can you iron ALL patches, appliques and flicklis from flickli?

Yes! All patches, applications and flicklis are provided with a high-quality ironing film.

How do you iron on patches, appliques and flicklis from Wertstueck Flickli?

Our Wertstück Flickli products are delivered with individually designed packaging, which is provided with easy-to-understand and detailed illustrated ironing instructions in German / English.

Is it necessary to wash the patches, appliqués and patches after ironing on to complete the ironing process?

No! It is not necessary to wash the product after ironing to complete the ironing process. The iron-on patches, appliqués and flicklis are firmly attached to the garment after ironing and cooling and may only be washed after 48 hours at the earliest.

Can you remove the patches, appliques and flicklis from Wertstück Flickli from the clothes after ironing on?

We recommend sewing on if the intention is not to leave the patches, appliqués and flicklis on one piece of clothing permanently.
However, it is possible to remove iron-on patches, appliqués and flicklis by heating them again. However, it must be noted that where the patch was ironed in, residues of the adhesive remain.

Can you also sew on patches, appliques and flicklis from Wertstück Flickli?

Yes! Of course ALL patches, applications and patches can be sewn on without having to be ironed on.

Can you iron on the patches, appliques and patches from Wertstück onto any material?

The patches, applications and flicklis can be ironed onto any hot ironable material!
Cotton or jeans are ideal (preferably already washed and not "brand new"). Materials that are not heat-resistant cannot be customized or repaired by ironing on. Here is the recommendation to sew. You can find information on whether your garment is hot ironable on the laundry label.

Is Vliesofix the same as ironing film?

No. Iron-on film is a high-quality textile hot glue that, when used correctly, enables "sew-free" attachment.

We only use high quality ironing film - ironing instructions are always included!

Why do you use iron-on foil?

We want our products to last.

Do flickli need to be sewn on?

If the ironing instructions are followed, additional sewing is usually not necessary. But it doesn't hurt!

With extreme loads, the Flickli is guaranteed to stay where it should be.

We only recommend sewing the tips of the stars or if the stress is above average.

Can Flickli patches be machine washed?

Yes, Flickli patches are machine washable. We recommend a maximum washing temperature of 40 ° C. Please wash inside out and do not tumble dry.

And what if an ironed-on patchwork comes loose?

The Flickli patches can be easily ironed using the ironing instructions and the adhesive connection can be renewed.