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Collage unicorn flash

collage picture unicorn

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This image of a unicorn with magic wand that well as a children's room decoration is appropriate, while a super birthday present for girls.

This collage composed of a sweet unicorn applique, an embroidered cloud you can your child always a "sweet dreams" give to to sleep.
Magical tree woolen raindrops, a white cloud dormant surrounded a sweet unicorn, which brings safe sweet dreams in the children's room.
The children room image is arranged on a midnight blue cotton fabric and stretched on a frame.
The picture for every child, for a "good night".

The children picture children's pictures!

Each collage is individual and unique.
Deviations in each image are expression of your individual gift.
So this child image is the perfect gift for the birth. The children´s room decoration makes as a birthday gift is always a good idea!
The embroidered picture corresponds to the one shown and still varies from the picture.
If you for a sweet little princess a "good night" picture looking to give magical dreams to the little ones, then this collage is a unicorn applique might be just right for you! Accompanied by stars - magic - raindrops wants this fairytale unicorn every child a "sweet dreams" that sure makes for a good night. The sleeping cloud from which the star raindrops falling form a really nice magical rain the rains to the unicorn with magic flash. The image is designed by us in loving hand. Each collage is a unique item, that has no equal as a nursery decoration. This embroidered and appliqué collage is an image for girls as they love it! The unicorn with flash can be purchased for the implementation of their own creative ideas at also at flickli.de. To make further appliques to own nursery pictures or birthday gifts you can find also in our shop.

Materials used: wood frame, cotton fabric, embroidery felt, yarn, iron-on film

Size: 40 x 30 cm.

size inches: 15.75 x 11.81


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