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Flickli - the patch! denim round with star multicolor blue View larger

Flickli - the patch! denim round with star bigpack 11 pieces


New product

jeans patches round with star bigpack, iron-on patches, Flickli - solid denim special reinforced perfect suitable as knee patches!

contains 11 items in different colors

size: diameter about 9,5cm / inch 3.74

special price: 37,75€ / (5,15€ off) 12% discount compaired to single purchase

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37,75 €
tax incl. zzgl. Versand shipping costs excl.

Lieferzeit: 1-2 Werktage

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A super jeans patch with blue in different versions star on blue backround! With this, a high-quality iron-on film deposited, pants patches are in no middle holes, stains or blemishes repaired by Potty iron. Even ugly logos can be easily concealed. Better a knee patches hardly be: simple, beautiful, colorful, yet playful and happy! The bracket patch is delivered in a packaging with a detailed ironing instructions. The iron-on patches is really a dream for little blue lovin boy´s who can´t deside which blue is the most beautiful!

The jeans applique is washable at 40 ° C in the washing machine inside out.

Materials used: jeans, embroidery backing, yarn, ironing film

Size: The patch has a diameter of approximately 9.5 cm. The Star is from tip to tip about 7 cm.

The offer applies to a knee patches around with an asterisk (Fig. 1). The images 2 and 3 show further available in the shop versions of this patch jeans.

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